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Rushlight (aka Here Today Gone Tomorrow)

1984  |  16mm  |  color  |  silent  |  54 min
Holly Fisher

…where the concrete and the abstract mingle… 

– Margarita De la Vega-Hurtado, scholar, critic, curator

…an extraordinary combination of technical virtuosity and personal expression. 

– Richard Peterson, former curator, Walker Art Center

• Grand Prize, Black Maria Film Festival (1985)
• Selection, Biennial (1985), Whitney Museum of American Art 

Rushlight (aka Here Today Gone Tomorrow) was made from a single, three minute roll of Super 8 footage shot over one day of stop/start driving through the Maramures folk district of Romania. I reworked this footage via JK Optical Printer using a larger than normal film gate designed (by myself) to allow the re-filming and hence layering of frame clusters as well as single frames.

This project explores an intersection between transition and memory (passing time, times past, arrested in time, and what lies ahead) through looping, stretching, and layering of images filmed originally while driving through this unique preserve of Romanian culture. A silent, visual sketchbook of sorts, this work explores the repetitive, cyclical structuring of this Super 8 footage developed over several years of working with a JK Printer. The result is an open and meditative work around the subject of “passage.”

Optically-printed from a single roll of Super 8 original filmed on a single day while driving through Maramures, Romania – reworked via JK Optical Printer and proceeding through the S8, head:tail pretty much in sequence. There are 4-5 prints in existence, each struck from original A&B rolls, and in several versions with small variations – in hf possession

 …Holly Fisher has combined her poetic vision with powerful montage to create unique films that become indescribable experiences where the concrete and the abstract mingle…

– Margarita De la Vega-Hurtado, scholar, critic, curator