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The Films of Holly Fisher at The Anthology Film Archives

November 07, 2019 - November 12

This long-overdue retrospective surveys the career of Holly Fisher, a filmmaker who since the late 1960s has been as prolific, as free in her exploration of different cinematic forms, and as adventurous in her embrace of new technological tools and ways of seeing as any of her peers, but without enjoying the degree of attention and acclaim that her work richly deserves.

Fisher’s filmmaking career began in the documentary realm, in partnership with Romas V. Slezas, with whom she made vérité-inflected short- and feature-length non-fiction films from 1965-71, and she has continued to work as an editor on documentaries by Camille Billops, Christine Choy, and Camilla Motta, among others. But her own films depart radically from the linear approach of these collaborative projects, most often adopting a densely multi-layered visual style and allusive editing framework that combine to create highly personal and intuitive reflections on the warp and weave of memory and time.

Her body of work has grown to encompass films of vastly different scales and visual textures – including bravura experiments in optical printing (GHOST DANCE and HERE TODAY GONE TOMORROW), hypnotic orchestrations of photography and sound (EVERYWHERE AT ONCE, featuring images of and narration by Jeanne Moreau), witty collisions of imagery and text (THIS IS MONTAGE and ‘t h i n k t a n k’), and urgent, media-refracted meditations on social-political transformations (DEAFENING SILENCE, one of several films culled from footage shot in Myanmar). Unifying all these works is Fisher’s searching, deeply engaged sensibility, her commitment to and knack for finding visual and rhythmic structures that serve to break through to new realms of thought, feeling, and perception.

This extensive retrospective includes a carefully chosen selection of her own moving-image works – short- and feature-length, analogue and digital, photographed and found-footage-based – as well as films representing her documentary roots and her work as an editor. Fisher will be here in person throughout the retrospective!

“Juxtaposition and contrast is my modus operandi, and editing is where my real creative work happens. […] It is rare that I set out to make a film ‘about’ this or that. Rather, I am driven to explore some formal or psychological question that intrigues me – like how to sustain a flow of ideas within the broken continuity of non-linear structuring. Or, how to analyze time and motion by exploring the space between one frame and another. Trauma, memory, and perception are issues that come up repeatedly in my work…. Whether the issue is diabolic human rights abuse, or filmic play with light, shadow, and my own nude body, I will use every sort of maneuver to open space for the viewer to think and imagine – and will subvert every convention of narrative that obscures the possibility of making personal meaning. Whatever is my sleight of hand, my intent is to lead the viewer toward one’s own private insight, metaphor, or other deepest reverie.” –Holly Fisher

This retrospective has been made possible thanks to support from Barton Byg, Penny Duncklee, Vincent Grenier, Susan & Arthur Holcombe, and Alan Rinzler. Very special thanks to Holly Fisher and Ha-Yang Kim.

All screenings will be held November 7 – 12, 2019 at Anthology Film Archives, located at 32 Second Ave (@ 2nd St) in NYC.

For more info, visit Anthology’s website: www.anthologyfilmarchives.org/film_screenings/series/51690

Gallery Exhibition, The Film Gallery, Paris

May 07, 2019

Gallery Exhibition, Film Prints & Installation loops
May 7 – June 28, 2019, The Film Gallery, 43 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Martin, Paris
Opening reception May 7

Screening, “Films of Holly Fisher,” l’Archipel Cinema, Paris

Screening, “Films of Holly Fisher,” l’Archipel Cinema, Paris
Tuesday, May 7, 2019, sponsored by Re-Voir

New DVD release, Bullets for Breakfast & early films of Holly Fisher

March 29, 2019

New DVD, Bullets for Breakfast & early films of Holly Fisher
Produced by Re-Voir, Paris – released March 2019

Featured in Princeton Survey of Influential Film Editors

March 01, 2019


Featured in “Edited By: A survey of one hundred and thirty-nine editors who invented, developed, fine-tuned and revolutionized the art of film editing” by Su Friedrich, Princeton University

ENDE TYMES 8: Novo Apocalypso

November 12, 2017

10-12 November 2017

Ghostdance for a New Century, film by Holly Fisher
with live music performance with composer/cellist Ha-Yang Kim
Sunday, November 12, 9:30 pm

Outpost Artists Resources
1665 Norman St, Ridgewood NY
Weekend Pass – $35 Buy tickets 
Sunday Nov 12 – $15 Festival Website


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Bullets for Breakfast to be released in HD on DVD by Re:Voir

To be released by Pip Chodorov, Re-Voir, Paris, France

“Bullets for Breakfast” is in process of conversion to HD via Jack Rizzo of Metropolitan Post — and new HD version will be produced & released in a new DVD etc edition (including an early film or two) by Pip Chodorov via Re:Voir, Paris, France.

2 x 2 selected by the Ann Arbor Film Festival for their “Off The Screen!” series.

55th Ann Arbor Film Festival, March 21-26, 2017

Holly’s most recent film 2 x 2 has been selected by the Ann Arbor Film Festival to be exhibited in their Off The Screen! series as a ‘store-front’  installation piece, to run continuously several weeks before and throughout the AAFF55 in downtown Ann Arbor.  Details coming soon!

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Traveling to Berlin for the 2017 Berlinale

Berlin Film Festival 2017 Berlinale, February 9-19, 2017

Fisher will travel to Berlin in order to attend the 2017 Berlinale as guest of her long-time friend and colleague Dr. Christine Noll Brinkmann.


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moving back to NYC


Holly has been living and working in Easthampton, MA and Tribeca, NYC since spring 2009.  She has recently moved back full-time to NYC, and will split her time between her “tiny house” in Lower Manhattan and her new studio at MANA Contemporary in Jersey City, NJ.  Zach Hart will assist her at MANA to resume her digital print projects which variously link to her past and ongoing film/video work.


2 x 2 at The Filmette Film Festival

sponsored by Harvestworks

November 19, 2016

2 x 2, by filmmaker Holly Fisher – two films with two contemporary avant-garde composers Lois V Vierk and composer/cellist Ha-Yang Kim, premiered November 19, 2016 at The Filmette Film Festival sponsored by HARVESTWORKS, NYC, NY. 


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