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Gallery Exhibition, The Film Gallery, Paris

May 07, 2019

Screening, “Films of Holly Fisher,” l’Archipel Cinema, Paris

New DVD release, Bullets for Breakfast & early films of Holly Fisher

March 29, 2019

Featured in Princeton Survey of Influential Film Editors

March 01, 2019

ENDE TYMES 8: Novo Apocalypso

November 12, 2017

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Bullets for Breakfast to be released in HD on DVD by Re:Voir

To be released by Pip Chodorov, Re-Voir, Paris, France

“Bullets for Breakfast” is in process of conversion to HD and a new HD version will be produced & released in a new DVD etc edition (including an early film or two) by Re:Voir, Paris, France.

2 x 2 selected by the Ann Arbor Film Festival for their “Off The Screen!” series.

55th Ann Arbor Film Festival, March 21-26, 2017

Holly’s most recent film 2 x 2 has been selected by the Ann Arbor Film Festival to be exhibited in their Off The Screen! series.

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Traveling to Berlin for the 2017 Berlinale

Berlin Film Festival 2017 Berlinale, February 9-19, 2017

Fisher will travel to Berlin in order to attend the 2017 Berlinale.

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moving back to NYC


Holly Fisher has recently moved back full-time to NYC and her new studio at MANA Contemporary in Jersey City, NJ.


2 x 2 at The Filmette Film Festival

sponsored by Harvestworks

November 19, 2016

2 x 2, by filmmaker Holly Fisher – two films with two contemporary avant-garde composers Lois V Vierk and composer/cellist Ha-Yang Kim, premiered at The Filmette Film Festival.

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