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glass shadows

1976  |  16mm  |  color  |  sound  |  20 min
Holly Fisher
Fritz Buehner, Gregory (cat), and Holly Fisher

[Glass Shadows is] a film that challenges feminist theory to expand its vocabulary and judgment to include not only a mode of critique, but also a more positive exploration of visual pleasure.

– Maureen Turim, professor and author, Journal of Film / Video


Glass Shadows is a sensual, yet formalistic, diary filmed in the early morning light of my studio over a period of six weeks. Shot within limited boundaries, the primary images are of my (Bolex-filming nude) reflection set within window frames, a pane of glass, and the light projected by the rising sun. The film moves forward in ‘real time’ via continuous interplay of reflected and otherwise overlapping images. Sustained by light, color, rhythmic variation, and the sporadic pulse of a leaky kitchen faucet, the filmmaker’s visual exploration embodies both subject and form in this film that tells the story of its own making.


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