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this is montage

1978  |  film  |  color  |  silent (18fps)  |  7 min
Holly Fisher

playful challenge to a passage from Eisenstein’s Film Form — lies between a wink and a nod to the master.

– hf


Inspired by a passage from Sergei Eisenstein’s Film Form, this film explores relationships between film and language while playfully challenging the Russian filmmaker’s theory of film montage … and thus lies between a wink and a nod to the master.  Also a bit of tongue-in-cheek to myself as aspiring film studies student: had I been a good typist I very likely would never have become a filmmaker.


Text from Sergei Eisenstein’s Film Form had special resonance for me because I had studied the Chinese language while undergrad in Asian Studies (Barnard/Columbia University). 

One of the few prints still in existence, complete with dirt and film breaks, is the source for a series of over-sized digital prints for gallery exhibition, entitled This is Montage!

Ten prints from this series were exhibited in a two person exhibition Power/Play, Augusta Savage Gallery, UMass/Amherst, 2014.


Anthology Film Archives, New York, NY (2010)
Millennium Film Workshop, Brooklyn, NY (1982)
Collective for Living Cinema, New York, NY (1982)
Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, MN (1985)
Cineprobe, Museum of Modern Art, New York, NY (1984)
“The Films of Holly Fisher,” Museum of Modern Art, New York, NY (Retrospective, 1995)

print exhibitions

POWER/PLAY – two-person exhibition at Augusta Savage Gallery, UMass/Amherst, 2014
FILM/STILLS – one-person exhibition presented by Re-Voir at The Film Gallery, May – June, Paris, France, 2019