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THIN/ICE, a day in winter 2016

10 february 2016


Between 2013 – Jan 2016 I have filmed in this pond with iPhone (more recently with Sony A7rII) almost daily when I’m in Easthampton MA – at random times, regardless of weather, and always including the rotting wood bed frame stuck upside-down in the mud – anywhere from 12 seconds – 10 mins, for an on-going installation project THIN/ICE, for completion 2018.

Image material for an inter-active and multi-screen meditative landscape piece –– silent (visual) essay with inevitable reference to global warming (no ax-grind); and a memorial for my cousin who, many years ago, drowned in a river that feeds this pond. They called her death a suicide, and she was disappeared from family history. Letter to MM (present on wall? Or?)