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b e d e v i l e d (aka SIMOOM)

2019  |  video  |  color & b/w  |  20:00 min
Holly Fisher
Lois V Vierk


  • For projection and installation


Dragon bones and snakes embracing; skeletons in underwear, flying shoes and bug-eyed aliens are among the characters that comprise the annual NYC Halloween Parade — filmed and transformed into a subjective extra-terrestrial dreamscape. Fragmented, cyclic, and in continual flux, b e d e v i l e d  is a collage in motion, grounded within a visible construct of open and ever-shifting frames.  From early furtive sketches I’ve reworked my original Hi-8 video into a layered weave of images cut to phase between the imaginary and ‘reality’ — from  Day of the Dead spectacle to clocks at play with light bulbs. The haunting music of avant-garde composer Lois V Vierk is performed by cellist Theodore Mook.