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1968  |  16mm  |  color  |  sound  |  5 min
Holly Fisher & Romas V. Slezas
Fisher/Slezas Films Inc.
Holly Fisher
Romas V. Slezas
Ellsworth S. Moody
Anna Conda, Derycke Rocke, Maurice Ponk


Award Winner, Ann Arbor Film Festival (1968)


The dangers of aerosol sprays to the ozone layer were all over the news in the late ’60s, right up there with fierce anti-Vietnam War sentiment, identity politics, and a burgeoning environmental movement launched by Rachel Carlson’s Silent Spring. Within this context, an advert for a “feminine crotch sprayā€¯ inspired the making of PSSSHT!


The Environmental Film Festival, Washington, DC (2013)
Ann Arbor Film Festival, Ann Arbor, MI (1968)