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A LITANY for SURVIVAL- Zoom Talkback

30 march 2021

Women on Sweet Women: Black Lesbian Film Festival
February 18, 2021
“Talkback” Zoom excerpt, following opening night screening

With directors Ada Gay Griffen & Michelle Parkerson
Moderated by Katrina Parker


22 february 2021

WAY TOO MUCH …mind/body at the crossroads

10 december 2020

trt 35 30
A film by Holly Fisher
With Rob Pike
This film is not a book plug and not a self-help tape, but simply an offering –– framing may be a better word –– of some thoughts about psychology, pain, placebo, and remedy. What follows is a discussion between Rob Pike  (cousin) and myself (filmmaker) about his extraordinary no-cost cure following years of struggle with chronic back, leg, and migraine misery. Unbeknownst to the other, it was by dumb luck that we discovered our shared advocacy of Healing Back Pain and other writings of Dr. John Sarno. By giving shape to the telling of Rob’s story we are hoping to inspire openness to a way of thinking about and beyond physical dis-ease, toward genuine healing.
© 2021 by Otherwise Pictures LLC 

Out of the Blue with score fragment, by LVV

4 august 2020

trt 2 52

Out of the Blue has been mixed with final picture cuts since June, but I couldn’t lock without trying out the possibility of weaving in a fragment of the very amazing actual score by composer Lois V Vierk, whose music “Words Fail Me” is embedded within this work. I quickly ditched the idea once I cut this and lived with it for a day and a night, realizing that it confuses the brain. Which is to say I loose the full experience of her music when I find myself saying “what the fuck?!” … which is to say this visual confusion sends one into a different mode of contemplation. Exactly what I don’t want at this point in film.

I want LVV music entirely foregrounded – even while inviting slow shift within a range of thought levels. Picture changes take you there. Just not this one. Too unsubtle, and so mentally abrasive.

But I want to hold on to this, and so to my sketchbook. Voila.

KUBELKA at VIEWS… (2012/2016)

3 february 2017

trt 12 33

Austrian filmmaker Peter Kubelka screens film (actually short but characteristic excerpts as he speaks to audience before & after screening) plus a walk-about within his instillation MONUMENT FILM Sculpture, at Views from the Avant Garde, NY Film Festival, 2012 – filmed by HFisher with iPhone in 2012 and reworked as short sketch, Dec 2016. Description of project by Daniel Kasman is quoted below. His text refers to his own images, not mine and not reproduced here within his text. Google his name for his entire piece w/ pics:

Below see a description of the work from the website:

Notebook News
Images of the Day. Peter Kubelka’s Monument Film sculpture
Images from an installation constituting Kubelka’s new film, _Antiphon_, _Arnulf Rainer_ (1960), and the two combined.
Daniel Kasman
09 OCT 2012 LAST UPDATED ON 29 NOV 2016

Please excuse the reprehensible qualities of digital, composition, lighting and coverage in the below photos, but I thought I’d share a glimpse at Peter Kubelka’s celluloid sculpture at the New York Film Festival, “Monument Film”. It is being exhibited at the Walter Reade theatre in tandem with two screenings (accompanied by a lecture by the filmmaker) that occurred on Monday at the Views from the Avant-Garde of a new film work by Kubelka, Monument Film. This work isn’t a film so much as a material-projector-theatrical experience/performance: it began with a projection of his 1960 film Arnulf Rainer—a short of overwhelming, assaultive visual-aural intensity made up of black frames, empty (clear) frames, white noise and silence—and was followed by a projection of his new film, Antiphon, a work that is made up of the material inversion of Arnulf Rainer. Where the old film has a clear frame the new one has a black one, where one has silence the other has noise. (Though, as Kubelka pointed out, it is impossible to make this inversion totally exact, as over fifty years has passed between two films.) Next, the two works where projected side by side on the same screen in perfect sync. And finally, the two films were projected on top of one another, again in perfect sync.

The exhibit, as can only be partially be gleaned below, is installed on three walls: on the right, facing inward, is the entirety of Antiphon; on the left, facing inward (and seen only obliquely in my photo) is Arnulf Rainer. In the middle, facing outward, are the two films placed on top of one another.


“time for tenderness”

15 august 2016


“time for tenderness” – Bette & Ron (Reagan)

This is for me a brilliant bit of film – 2 cats for me: time & pics/vid that break my heart – filmed off my tv one morning in Easthampton (MA) while getting ready to drive to nyc, Aug 2016
thoughts about time & suffering. And Bette!


water buffalo for lance bird

10 august 2016

water buffalo for lance bird…Met, Aug 2016 (with Tim & Ada) Sorry no details, but my fascination with water buffalo’s extends into ceramics & of course Sung painting…recall Chinese sage returning from (poker game?!) in the moonlight, drunk as a skunk and riding backwards on the buffalo. Hung on my wall for years.

“split infinity” – a self-portrait

15 july 2016


Taken while walking on Long Beach late one summer afternoon, 2016

woman in green kimono

15 june 2016


CH ceramic – love the frontality and directness of her gaze (she inhabits this piece – is almost unsettling! – taken at the MET the day I took Tim & Ada – One day I’ll go back and write down when & where… time & timeless (maybe this is how I’ll keep track of certain work that stops me in my tracks. “time & timeless”

Museum Watch

16 may 2016

hf_instagrampost_scrshot_galleryThe New Museum.

Sky Coordinates #3

22 february 2016


Sky Coordinates Series

1st time flying w full-time X ocean WIFI, Berlin – JFK

late afternoon & snow on the ground, but just enough to define the landscape etc.


Sky Coordinates #9

22 february 2016


Berlin – JFK Almost home, back from Berlin FF

TAGS: : surveillance, landscape,one-shot film,iPhone film,real time,hand-held,chance,film series,installation,WIFI film,time & space,

Berlin Then & Now

15 february 2016


Berlin Then & Now trt 00:15

Bus passing bombed KW Church from Berlinale to Zoo Platz, 2.16

iPhone, originally filmed in slomo

THIN/ICE, a day in winter 2016

10 february 2016


Between 2013 – Jan 2016 I have filmed in this pond with iPhone (more recently with Sony A7rII) almost daily when I’m in Easthampton MA – at random times, regardless of weather, and always including the rotting wood bed frame stuck upside-down in the mud – anywhere from 12 seconds – 10 mins, for an on-going installation project THIN/ICE, for completion 2018.

Image material for an inter-active and multi-screen meditative landscape piece –– silent (visual) essay with inevitable reference to global warming (no ax-grind); and a memorial for my cousin who, many years ago, drowned in a river that feeds this pond. They called her death a suicide, and she was disappeared from family history. Letter to MM (present on wall? Or?)


9 february 2016

Amazing to come upon Kkolwitz (ourside Kolwitz Museum) while walking on a Berlin St w/ Noll B one rainy day in Feb (2016, 2.9) – having just finished making a film w/ Hildi S about KK and her 94 yr old gallerist Hildegard Bachert [“Coversation with HB” for DEFA, UMASS Amherst] We had just come out of Ulrike Ottinger’s photo show – stunning photos! Can’t find one. How did I organize this? Or did I?

Golden Nozzle #2

20 december 2014


“golden nozzle” #2 series (much of my iPhone vid is conceived in “series”
Almost Christmas in Easthampton, MA (not LI!)

something weird and lonely driving through a car wash…does the rest of the world wash their cars as often as it seems we do? I never used one until I moved here, so for me its a very exotic and funny experience. (haven’t owned a car for decades! one of the beauties of living in NYC is no need for car! and subways are always an adventure in people-gazing!) Every time! And I love random radio. This was a good one! I take whatever comes – some for sure better than others. (what opera? don’t know) and what do I mean by “better” when speaking of chance? Ask JC (John Cage, not Jesus Christ!)


thin/ice, in-progress

10 february 2014


I film in this pond with iPhone as a daily practice – at random times, regardless of weather, and always including the rotting wood bed frame stuck upside-down in the mud – anywhere from 12 seconds – 5 mins, for installation project

THIN/ICE, 1st sketch. 364 to go! Expected completion 2018.


16 august 2013

(Douglas Dunn made a dance called SKY EYE – title is his!)

8.16.13 Shot w iPhone while walking on the bike path – this is the image that got me started on “Clouds for Sol LeWitt” (will be in FLATWORK soon! Huge piece with 48 cloud images, mostly shot from the bike path or in & around easthampton, MA. A few from NYC that fall, and one slipped in from BULLETS FOR BREAKFAST.

In Berlin

12 february 2013

This is from 2.12.13 – Jo & I in Berlin for the festival, staying w Noll B – just foundthis pic while looking for a vid I shot last feb in Berlin while trav in a bus…(got it!) What a great time we had! Three Stooges!

Some images just break your heart

5 october 2012

Some images just break your heart. Taken at ICP 10.5.12 w iPhone

Maybe I’ll make an album of pics & vid that break my heart… I did not take this picture, and will go by ICP and get name of photographer who did. Maybe I’ll leave it sideways so as not to pretend its mine. Also I like it sideways…rattles my brain! Buttons as eyes. Goldfish eyes. Exhibition with many pics/videos re: Nelsen Mandala

New Museum, June 24, 2012

24 june 2012

New Museum, June 24, 2012

Tacita Dean – Wonderful show. Like her rigor. Spent more time with her text on wall than with her films. Theory on the wall…took iPhone footage of her text – mayl do something with this one day…filmed vertically so random excerpts slightly jigged out of context. Like erasure mark