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Lois V Vierk

new music composer

“…The relentless energy of her finely honed pieces can prove thrilling – the musical equivalent of white-water rafting.” – The New Yorker

Ha-Yang Kim

composer & cellist

Music inspired by acoustic phenomena, ritual ceremonial processes, and characterized by an organic visceral lyricism of sound influenced by the East Asian sense of space and emptiness.

Glue Editing & Design


Bringing your project to the next level.
Located in Chelsea, NYC.

Microscope Gallery

contemporary art gallery

Founded by artists and curators Elle Burchill and Andrea Monti. The gallery has specialized in showing time-based works, particularly film and performance art.

Naw May Oo

activist, scholar

May Oo is an ethnic Karen exile from Burma’s former dictatorship, currently working with The Joint Peace Fund in Yangon, Burma. She is a protagonist in Holly Fisher’s two Burma essay films including Deafening Silence.

Yoshiko Chuma

dancer and choreographer

“When you meet other cultures, you focus on how different you are, but eventually you realize that you are not so different. Creation begins by looking at that gap. And that gap was what made me an artist.” –Yoshiko Chuma, Founder of The School of Hard Knocks

John Polak


Producer of better photographic images for artists, craftspeople, museums, galleries and publishers.


independent video label

Publishes and distributes DVDs of classic and contemporary experimental cinema.

Gartenberg Media Enterprises

archiving and distribution

Dedicated to the excavation, repurposing and distribution of library assets in film, television, photographic and print.

Zac Buehner

artist, blacksmith, metal worker, graffiti writer

Currently making art, exhibiting art, traveling in Asia. “We want to decipher skies and paintings, go behind these starry backgrounds or these painted canvases and, like kids trying to find a gap in a fence, try to look through the cracks in the world.” –Georges Bataill

José Urbach

visual artist and holocaust survivor

Urbach spent his first 5 years in Polish concentration camps; after 20 post-war years in Colombia SA he came to NYC on an art scholarship in 1968, where he lives and works today. Featured in Holly Fisher’s A Question of Sunlight.

Robert Janz


Born in Ireland, makes art every day in Tribeca NYC where he lives when he’s not travelling. He’s a painter, sculptor, printer, poet, street artist, graff artist, artist of impermanece, and currently drawing on walls with water in Barcelona, Spain.

Peter Lindbergh


“… creativity is really a rebirth, a true tone we feel… Then our work becomes a real part of who we are. Maybe all this is a question of how deep we are willing to go…”

Interlink Publishing

independent publisher

Publishing house with a cosmopolitan perspective. Specializes in literature-in-translation, history/politics/current affairs, gender studies, cultural guides, and international cookbooks.

Hiltrud Schultz

production & outreach manager, defa film library

Hildi, friend and colleague, works in the DEFA Film Library – the only archive and research center outside of Germany devoted to a broad spectrum of filmmaking from and related to the former GDR where she lived as a child.

John Atwood

graphic designer, game designer

Founder of Outboard, a marketing and graphic design company that creates digital and print materials for clients in a wide range of industries including film, publishing, the arts and real estate. Special interest in game mechanics and game design.

Lance Bird


Filmmaker, friend, mentor, lover of all animals esp water buffalos. Producer and director, known for
The World of Tomorrow (1984), America Lost and Found (1979) and No Place to Hide (1982).

Aux Epices • Mei and Marc

malaysian-french bistro

Aux Epices – French for “with spices.”
Healthy, tasty and natural food.

Richard Fisher

bell maker

Established his bell foundry USBells 45 years ago, where he produces original designs of bronze wind and door bells using the process of sand casting. Collaborates with his son and daughter-in-law to at Watering Cove Studios, Prospect Harbor, ME.

Nancy Diamond


Nancy Diamond lives and works in New York City
and Upstate NY. She shows her work in New York
City and internationally.

Maung Zarni

activist, scholar

UK-based Burmese exile, activist and scholar with the Documentation Centre of Cambodia, at the Sleek Rith Institute. His writings on Burmese affairs have been published in The Guardian, the Times, the New York Times, and in various art journals.

Julia Ballerini


…stories that deal with intercultural communications – understandings and misunderstanding across languages, social mores, and generations.

Tim Fisher • Fisher Woodworking

custom cabinetry and furniture

Tim has set up a full woodworking shop on site, working primarily with domestic hardwoods to build custom furniture and cabinetry. His focus is to create solid and elegant designs.

Liza Fisher Pottery


Liza makes wood-fired pottery in a large wood kilm of her own making – and in which she fires remarkable and unique pots for many hours throughout the night. Her glazes mature into subtle warm colors resulting from the prolonged intense heat.

Jennifer S Kotter

photographer, graphic designer, exhibiting artist

Photographer Jennifer Kotter works out of her Tribeca studio making art for exhibition and special graphic design projects for clients.

Joanna Kiernan

filmmaker, artist, editor

Forthcoming film: JANZ Artist in Time.

Linda Ferrer


Street photographer, photo editor, visual storyteller, colleague and friend.

Edith Mirante

author, activist, artist, adventurer

Founder of Project Maje (Burma human rights, environmental info since 1986.) Two Burma books & “The Wind in the Bamboo: Journeys in Search of Asia’s ‘Negrito’ Indigenous Peoples.”

Thomas R Lansner

media and communications analyst, educator and trainer

As an international correspondent in Africa and Asia for a decade in the Century past, he covered numerous elections, wars, and myriad civil conflicts before taking up teaching and social justice advocacy.

Vincent Grenier

experimental films, videos, installations

“My work moves towards fracturing space and time in order to release how the everyday and the specific hold within them ineffable, untranslatable, visual mappings that can provoke revelations into light, color, form, and composition.”