From the Ladies was selected for inclusion in:
“Seeing the City: Avant-Garde Visions of New York, SERIES – May 03 – 07, 2024

Vietnamese photographer/printer Danny Bach of Hoa Ta gallery, in collaboration with Vin Gallery, Ho Chi Minh City presents films by New York filmmaker Holly Fisher combining selected early works SUBWAY, GLASS SHADOWS, and FROM THE LADIES with new work-in-progress NIGHTSHIFT & PUB, made since her move to Vietnam in April 2022…

This year Screen Compositions celebrates its 20th anniversary featuring collaborations by: Deborah Bernagozzi / Jason Bernagozzi; Patrick Bokanowski / Michele Bokanowski; Navel Cassidy / Michael Evans; Holly Fisher / Lois V Vierk; Gisela Gamper / Pauline Oliveros+Zach Layton+Jonas Braasch; Richard Garet / Barbara Held; Katherine Liberovskaya / Phill Niblock+Francisco Janes; Ursula Scherrer / Marcia Bassett; Claudia Schmitz / Ute Wassermann; Sara Sun / Michael Waller.

XINEMA presents notes on the colour blue: a screening of five short experimental works by Holly Fisher, Marzieh Mosavarzadeh, Anna Hawkins, Hope Tucker and Iris Blauensteiner + Christine Moderbacher.

RE:VOIR presents a special screening of Holly Fisher’s short film Chicken Stew, as part of a program of other experimental shorts screening on July 22nd via their app.

POV will presents a Special Encore Presentation of the gripping 1987 Academy Award® nominated film, Who Killed Vincent Chin?, by filmmakers Christine Choy and Renee Tajima-Peña, on Monday, June 20, 2022 at 10pm ET.

Holly Fisher’s GLASS SHADOWS will play as part of Re:Voir’s “FUTUR ANTÉRIEUR • SELF PORTRAIT” screening on MONDAY February 28 at 8 P.M. at the CINEMA L’ARCHIPEL, 17 bvd de Strasbourg, Paris 10.

Turner Classic Movies (TCM) will host a television special Friday, Dec. 17, starting at 8 p.m.(ET) to screen a selection of films from the 2021 National Film Registry. “Who Killed Vincent Chin?”, directed by Christine Choy and edited by Holly Fisher, was one of the 25 films selected for the honor.

September 10-12, Anthology Film Archives will continue their recent focus on the work of Holly Fisher with a weekend devoted to two films that contend with the legacy of the September 11 attacks: A QUESTION OF SUNLIGHT (2019) and her most recent feature film, OUT OF THE BLUE (2021).

June 16-29, Anthology Film Archives will stream OUT OF THE BLUE, DEAFENING SILENCE and SOFTSHOE FOR BARTOK for free on Anthology’s Vimeo page.

Monday February 8, 7pm ET
Holly Fisher: Deafening Silence
In collaboration with Re:Voir / The Film Gallery
Q&A with the artist follows via live chat at 9:15pm ET on February 8


Re:Voir Video hosting special promotion featuring 45% off select DVDs linked to upcoming VOD releases, including Bullets for Breakfast. Offer runs 6/6 – 6/20!


New VOD Releases: Watermen, Deafening Silence and the short films of Holly Fisher
By Re-Voir, Paris – coming June 2020
Stream via Vimeo on Demand

The Films of Holly Fisher at The Anthology Film Archives
November 7 – 12, 2019
A long-overdue retrospective of the career of Holly Fisher, a filmmaker who since the late 1960s has been prolific and adventurous in her exploration of different cinematic forms …
Click to visit Anthology website

Gallery Exhibition, Film Prints & Installation loops
May 7 – June 28, 2019, The Film Gallery, 43 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Martin, Paris
Opening reception May 9 from 6–9 pm

Screening, “Films of Holly Fisher,” l’Archipel Cinema, Paris
Tuesday, May 7, 2019, sponsored by Re-Voir

New DVD, Bullets for Breakfast & early films of Holly Fisher
Produced by Re-Voir, Paris – released March 2019

Featured in “Edited By: A survey of one hundred and thirty-nine editors who invented, developed, fine-tuned and revolutionized the art of film editing” by Su Friedrich, Princeton University

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ghostdance for a new century

Film/Video  |  2015  |  16 min

a question of sunlight

Film/Video  |  2019  |  82 min

goldfish variations

Film/Video  |  2014  |  15:30 min
“Not being fish, how do we know their happiness?”  – Zhou Dongqing (1291)

kalama sutta: seeing is believing

Film/Video  |  2002  |  90 min

bullets for breakfast

Film/Video  |  1992  |  77 min

this is montage

Film/Video  |  1978  |  7 min
… with a wink and a nod to S.Eisentein, whose essay on film montage (Film Form) was source for polishing my typing skills, summer 1978.