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Out of the Blue with score fragment, by LVV

4 august 2020

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Out of the Blue has been mixed with final picture cuts since June, but I couldn’t lock without trying out the possibility of weaving in a fragment of the very amazing actual score by composer Lois V Vierk, whose music “Words Fail Me” is embedded within this work. I quickly ditched the idea once I cut this and lived with it for a day and a night, realizing that it confuses the brain. Which is to say I loose the full experience of her music when I find myself saying “what the fuck?!” … which is to say this visual confusion sends one into a different mode of contemplation. Exactly what I don’t want at this point in film.

I want LVV music entirely foregrounded – even while inviting slow shift within a range of thought levels. Picture changes take you there. Just not this one. Too unsubtle, and so mentally abrasive.

But I want to hold on to this, and so to my sketchbook. Voila.