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t h i n k t a n k

2014  |  video  |  bw & color  |  sound  |  13 min min
Holly Fisher
For projection or for continuously running wall installation.
Lois V Vierk

• Remi Award “Film/Video Art,” WorldFest-Houston, 2015

• Power/Play, two-person gallery exhibition/installation, The Augusta Savage Gallery, UMass Amherst, MA 2013


thinktank is a tapestry in motion –– in which 24 layers of IPhone video of swimming goldfish is laced with ambiguous floating text – transforming over time from a playful meditation on language into a haunting look into the ethos of the US government surveillance dragnet. Music is by avant-garde composer Lois V Vierk.

This project is a few minutes shorter than Goldfish Variations, same music with one cut in mid-section, and with floating text slipped into the continuous flow of imagery as if I too was a hacker, responding in kind to current events breaking January 2013. The particular event that triggered thinktank was an article published in Das Speigel concerning the Edward Snowden leaks of NSA spy programs, reporting that the program at the center of this surveillance network had been code-named “TAO” (tailored access operations – recently changed, spring 2017). As a former student of Taoism the irony of this name caught my attention. And so while Goldfish Variations is purely meditative, thinktank may spark a more edgy sort of contemplation…



Companion piece to Goldfish Variations, also available on Vimeo. For an exercise in perception I look forward to exhibiting them on opposite walls within a gallery context. My thanks to Glenn Greenwald, Edward Snowden, Amy Goodman (Democracy Now), who made available the Das Speigel article and subsequent updates as more NSA surveillance programs were revealed, spring 2013. For more information about the NSA Surveillance programs go to: The Intercept – First Look Media



Oh, I can think of a million places for thinktank – from the big screen in Times Square to places where people have to wait for a long time (hospitals emergency waiting area, concert halls and movie theatres, football arenas, doctors’ clinics waiting rooms, consulates visa waiting rooms, airport boarding areas, corporate reception waiting areas, government offices, etc…) – and, dare I say, Chinese restaurants ( just kidding!).

–Michel Moushabeck, Publisher/Editor, Interlink Books