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2019  |  video  |  color & b/w  |  19:30 min
Holly Fisher
Lois V Vierk
  • Password for vimeo link: nightwalk
  • Simoom is an Egyptian word for a sudden and fierce desert wind –  borrowed from Lois, who gave this title to her piece Simoom when she composed it in 1986
  • For projection or white-box installation



Dragon bones and snakes embracing; skeletons in underwear, flying shoes and bug-eyed aliens are among the characters from the 2006 West Village Halloween parade–filmed and transformed into an extra-terrestrial dreamscape. Simoom is the result of reworking my original Hi-8 video into a layered weave of images continually phasing between extremes of abstraction and documentary–between an imaginary ‘Day of the Dead’ spectacle, and clocks at play with light bulbs.

Simoom is a collage in motion, fragmented and cyclic, with multiple frames set within frames, in a transparent construct which doubles as imagery. While I had made furtive sketches periodically, it took completion of several other short works (for example, Ruffled Feathers), as well as the encouragement of a close friend and mentor, to rekindle my excitement so that I could then finish the project in a matter of weeks. Simoom is grounded in the haunting music of avant-garde composer Lois V Vierk, whose 8-cello piece Simoom from 1986 is performed by Theodore Mook.

As a filmic journey into the dark with its dubious characters as companions, Simoom came to embody the unease enveloping us all in October 2018 when it was made – a disturbing time hopeful on occasion but more often, horrifying.

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