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bartok on 57th street (s o f t s h o e Di-Stilled)

2018 (1987)  |  color & b/w   |  sound  |  26 min
Holly Fisher


A re-imagining of my S.8-sourced 16mm film s o f t s h o e (1987) – expanded here from the optically printed original work to a weave of picture made possible via an (avid) video multi-track timeline. This work is a self-contained film/video hybrid variation, for projection but especially for continuous looping for wall exhibition with my digital print project pulled from the same film. The print project “Softshoe Di-stilled” is one of deconstruction, while “bartok” is a filmmaker’s sketchbook unbound, in search of new ground.  Odds are good I will continue to expand this work…

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