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bartok on 57th street

1984-2018   |  color & b/w   |  sound  |  26 min
Holly Fisher


Bartok on 57th Street is a film/video re-imagining of my 16mm film s o f t s h o e (1987), made from my S8 original spurt-frame diaristic imagery taken on an east-west trip across Europe – Romania to Dokumenta 6 in Kassel, Germany; to The Centre Pompidou escalator in Paris, summer 1977. The original film was the result of my repetitive and structural re-working of diary images over time and in layers on a JK optical printer in the early 1980s. This is a self-contained film/video expanded variation of s o f t s h o e, especially intended for looped and continuous projection within an art gallery context for exhibition together with an in-progress digital print project from the same 16mm source. The print project “Softshoe Di-stilled” is therefore one of deconstruction, while the film/video piece is one of expansion, made possible by the advent of video editing. … 

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