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apple summer

1974  |  16mm  |  color  |  sound  |  24 min
Holly Fisher
filmed with Bolex
Fisher/Slezas Films Inc.
fiddle music by Dick Fisher, sung by Cindy Fisher and assorted friends and family
Donn Moulton, Fritz Buehner, Amy Buehner, Peter Buehner, Christian Buehner, Katy Buehner, Jay Jennings, Karen Rosenthal, Shelburne Thurber, Gary Fujiwara, Sarah Fujiwara

Sound: Holly Fisher
Title: David Tatlock
Onion bread: Lois Johnson
Pies: Kate Buehner, Jay Jennings


Camping in Down East, Maine with artist friends evolved into a spurt-framed portrait of artist Donn Moulton. Footage of Moulton in Maine, his studio in Cambridge, and installation of his fiberglass apple paintings at Kornblee Gallery, NYC, is intercut with edited-in-camera expressionistic sequences from our camping trip. 

The project became a playful exploration of my own way of working, via voice-over conversations between Moulton and myself on the subject of art, film, and commitment. The rough-edged, cross-cut, free-wheeling form reflects ways in which my early, highly intuitive notions of art-making differed from Moulton’s.  It’s in making this film that I learned to exploit my mistakes and think with my hands.


The Robert Flaherty Film Seminar, Haverhill, MA (1974)
Arsenal, Berlin, Germany (1982)
Cineprobe, Museum of Modern Art, New York, NY (1984)
Walker Art Center, Minnepolis, MN (1974)
Deutsches Filmmuseum, Frankfurt, Germany (1992)

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